About us

We provide sustainability and guidance for activities in the field of energy solutions.
By supporting and guiding future energy specialists, we aim to achieve the ambitious goals of the Green Deal programme, set by the European Commission.

Our vision

Scopul energetic

Energy purpose

Supporting and training the next generation of renewable energy specialists.
Inovarea productiei

Production innovation

Training those who will lead the adaptation of production processes to innovation.
Productie sustenabila

Sustainable production

Sound knowledge is essential for a circular, sustainable economy.


Our resources will be effectively directed towards learning how to use natural resources efficiently.
Mediul de munca

Work environment

Energy in all fields of activity is the most challenging workplace.

Careful implementation

All the long-term environmental and social benefits will be carefully put at the heart of our work.

Our future does not depend on chance.
The future depends on what we learn today and put into practice tomorrow.
The more we know about energy, the better our lives will be.

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  • Exclusive dedicated activities
  • Access to information and events on energy solutions
  • Access to production capacities for energy solutions
  • Relation with experienced players in the energy market

You can get in touch with us either by using the contact forum attached or by email or phone:

+40 722 627 447