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Enache, Monsson: In September, we will install the largest battery in Romania

“In September, Monsson will put the largest storage battery in Romania, of 24 MWh, in one of our parks in Dobrogea, and by mid next year we will have more than 200 MWh of storage in operation,” said Sebastian Enache, Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at Monsson Group, one of the country’s renewable “pioneers” and one of the largest developers, at the Solar Energy Bucharest Summit.

The battery will be located at the Mireasa wind farm, operated by Monsson.

“As early as 2020, Monsson is designing and developing all wind and PV farms with storage solutions of at least 20% of the installed capacity of wind and PV plants,” said Enache.

At the same event, Zoltan Nagy-Bege, currently a director in ANRE and former vice-president of the institution, also spoke about the need to install storage in new renewable capacities and even said that in the near future, storage will become mandatory when authorizing new wind and photovoltaic projects.

Monsson has focused on renewable energy and water since 2004, becoming a major player with over 7000 MW of projects in the pipeline. The company has more than 2,000 MW already built in its portfolio (1,100 MW wind and 1,000 MW photovoltaic), of which the most important achievement is the largest onshore wind farm of 600 MW in the world, excluding the USA, and now the largest photovoltaic farm in Europe.

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