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Two Wind Farms in Final Authorization Phase for 20+ Turbines

The County Council (CJ) issued the single opinion regarding two wind projects: one in Deleni and the other in Hârlău . Behind these investments are powerful companies from outside Romania, Iași next became a strategic point on the national map of renewable energy projects.

Once the CJ issues the single opinion, the wind projects reach the debate of the local council in the locality and subsequently, the local authority issues the building permit. Most likely, both in Deleni and in Hârlău, the authorizations will be issued this autumn so that the works could start in the first part of next year.

As APIX.ro has also reported, there are several projects in the preparation phase or ongoing in which powerful companies from abroad and from the country are involved in areas such as Vlădeni, Hârlău, Costuleni, Erbiceni, Românești, Deleni, Scobinți, Ruginoasa, Şcheia, Butea or Dumești.

The Deleni project will be implemented by Deleni Wind Energy SRL (headquartered in Constanța), the company behind which is the largest construction company in Israel: Shikun & Binui. The investment involves a number of 12 wind-generating groups with an individual power of a maximum of 6 MW and a total power of a maximum of 72 MW/h .

In the case of the Hârlău project, the current beneficiary is ACK Pașcani. This company also took the authorization steps for the wind farm in Ruginoasa (the work is being completed), and, later, the investment was taken over by a company of the Ukrainian multibillionaire Rinat Akhmetov.

9 turbines will be installed in Hârlău in two stages: 6 initially and, later, another 3. As APIX.ro also reported, the turbines will be of the Siemens Gamesa type, with a tower height of 100 meters and a maximum height total of 185 meters, given that the diameter of the rotor is 170 meters.

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