Romania connects largest battery storage system to date

Romanian developer Monsson has installed a 24 MWh battery storage system as the first stage of a 216 MWh project. The storage unit forms part of Romania’s first hybrid PV-wind-battery system.

Romanian developer Monsson has commissioned a 24 MWh (6 MW x four hours) battery storage system as part of Romania’s first hybrid photovoltaic-wind-battery project.

Billed as the largest installed battery storage system in Romania to date, the storage unit represents the first stage of a 216 MWh project to be installed before the end of the year at the same location.

The storage unit is charged with energy produced by an operational 50 MW wind farm and a 35 MW PV project under construction, named Gălbiori 2, which is set to be grid connected by the end of 2024. It will be charged with energy from the national grid when there is no wind or sun.

Monsson said the storage unit concept is modular and suitable for large scale applications. It features lithium ion batteries produced locally by Romania’s Prime Batteries Technology and controlling software created by Monsson, so the hybrid project is fully automatic, without local operational staff.

Sebastian Enache, a Monsson board member, said the hybrid project is reducing the volatility of renewable energy and will lead to lower electricity bills for end consumers.

“With this project we are testing the functionality of the battery to demonstrate the immediate benefits of storage facilities attached to renewable energy sources. We want to promote such solutions both in Romania and across Europe,” he said.

Energy specialist Corina Popescu said that the project is 95% Romanian and proves the country’s capacity to be part of the European Union’s transition to zero emissions.

The Romanian government plans to generate 36% of Romania’s energy from renewables by 2030. The country’s first renewables auction under a contract-for-difference scheme is forthcoming.

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