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The realities of the new energy market require us to dramatically accelerate the transition to clean energy and increase Europe’s energy independence from unreliable fossil fuel suppliers.

EU plan to make Europe independent of fossil fuels before 2030

The plan sets out a series of measures to rapidly reduce reliance on fossil fuels and move rapidly towards the green pathway while increasing the resilience of the wider energy system.

Green energy

Renewable energy is the cleanest and cheapest energy available and can be generated in homes, reducing the need for imports.
With the proposed increase of renewable energy to 45%, total renewable energy generation capacity will be 1,236 GWh in 2030

Solar energy will boost the growth of photovoltaics. The strategy aims to bring into operation more than 320 GW of newly installed solar PV parks by 2025 and more than double today’s level, i.e. 600 GW in 2030.

Green Industry

Replacing gas, oil and coal in industrial processes will reduce dependence on fossil fuels and at the same time transfer to clean energy sources, increasing industrial competitiveness and sustaining international technological supremacy.

The industrial sector will also play a key role in increasing the production of components and equipment needed to rapidly transform the energy system.

Investment financing

Additional investment of €210 billion is needed between now and 2027 to eliminate imports of fossil fuels, which cost European taxpayers almost €100 billion a year.